Delicate Stone Wrap Bracelet/Necklace I Labradorite

$ 24.00
$ 24.00 $ 24.00

Labradorite: Stone of magic. Awakening, enchanting, protecting. The Stone Wrap Bracelet doubles as a necklace featuring semi precious stones! This product is as special as it is beautiful. Scout gives 10% to help support and promote women orginizations! 

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Semi precious stone beads, plated brass, stretch cord.


All jewelry should be taken off before showering/swimming/exercising to prevent tarnishing. Chlorine, detergents, oils and perfumes may cause the finish to deteriorate. Keep dry in a closed storage when not in use. If your jewelry gets dirty, clean with a soft damp cloth so it will last longer.

Fit / Details

Can be wrapped 4-5 times as a bracelet and 1-2 times as a necklace. -34" length

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