Garment Care Guide

The clothing styles we carry are primarily from premium brands and made with a higher quality level than most, so they are designed and manufactured to last for repeat seasons, providing you with a closet that lasts. With any clothing item, remember to carefully read the care tag attached on the inside of the garment, but when in doubt, please use this Garment Care Guide to further assist you in maintaining the quality of your Hollie Ray styles!


Use a high-performing detergent when washing cotton garments. Wash in cold on a normal wash cycle. Dry in a permanent press or medium heat cycle. When ironing, use a cotton setting.


Turn wool clothes inside-out before washing on the delicate cycle. Use cold water and a mild liquid detergent, like Woolite. To avoid shrinking, lay flat to dry. When ironing wool, use the coolest setting and lay a thin cloth on top of the garment before ironing.


For polyester clothing, use a normal detergent and set your washing machine to a warm-water and regular/normal cycle setting. When drying, you may dry the items on a permanent press or medium heat drying cycle. If ironing, use a low to medium iron setting.


Styles containing nylon should be washed separately from other items in a cold water setting. Regular detergent is fine to use on products, but do not use chlorine bleach. For the best results, hang-dry nylon products.


Use a mild detergent when washing products containing rayon. When washing, use a cold water temperature and wash on a gentle cycle. Do not machine-dry rayon products! Instead, allow the item to air-dry on a flat surface so that the item does not stretch on a hanger when drying.



Styles containing primarily acrylic can be washed with regular detergent in a warm or cold temperature setting. You may dry on a low heat cycle. If ironing, use a pressing cloth to prevent any possible melting on the lowest setting.



When washing Spandex, use a mild detergent, and do not use chlorine bleach. Wash items in a mesh laundry bag to protect the items. Wash on a cold water temperature and a gentle cycle. It is best to dry it on low or allow it to air-dry. Do not use an iron on spandex garments.


Hand wash viscose with mild detergent in cold water only. Air-dry garments, and do not wring to dry. When ironing, use a medium heat or silk setting.