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The Thanksgiving Jean

Erica Reynolds

Posted on November 06 2017

As the holidays approach, we look forward to the glorious feasts that await us. But there are times when we get so full after these meals that jeans become uncomfortable in the waist—so uncomfortable that we just can’t wait to get home and unbutton them or just slip them off entirely. Instead of jeans we often just resort to leggings or yoga pants as they allow our tummies to expand, or if it’s warm enough we will wear dresses.

With Beija-Flor we have the perfect holiday feast jean—the Kelly Skinny Emana®. This jean has the zipperless, button-free design with a slightly higher rise that offers a lot of stretch and comfort, while the Emana® fabric soothes your skin. It looks like on-trend denim, but is probably the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what Jenn Rice—who had sworn off jeans until coming to Beija-Flor—wrote about Kelly Emana® in her article in Food & Wine below:

 "This 'marathon eating' pair of pants is the next best thing to not wearing pants."

We’ve all reached the point of fullness—in the aftermath of a Thanksgiving feast, happy hour or even a particularly fibrous salad—where the hardware on our jeans starts to cut into the skin. The discomfort endures until you make it home and pop open the button for sweet relief. I’ve always found denim uncomfortable and constraining—until a recent trip to Greenville, South Carolina. At Beija Flor on Main Street, co-owner Emilie Whitaker suggested Beija-Flor’s popular Kelly Emana jeans when I told her that pants weren’t for me. The jeans were … shockingly comfortable. “As half Brazilian and half Southerner, I was raised to appreciate the importance of fellowship and food—but as the daughter of a fashion designer, I also know that when you look good, you feel good,” she says.

“From the outside, they look like the latest premium raw denim, but the inside is where the technology is doing its thing,” she adds. Invented by a female physicist in Brazil, the yarn in the jeans supposedly boosts physical performance and minimizes muscle fatigue. 

While slipping into the jeans, I mentioned my upcoming carb-laden breakfast tour and the Euphoira food festival schedule. Whitaker called the pants “marathon eating jeans,” so I shouldn't worry about wearing them during several consecutive feasts. “They’re great Thanksgiving jeans,” she says. “No cliché ‘undo your button’ necessary.” To further prove how comfortable the jeans are, Whitaker will wear them while running in the Kiawah Island Half Marathon this fall. The rest of her team will wear the jeans in 5k to raise proceeds for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.


A weekend of food survival in jeans that felt like buttery velvet every step of the way—what more could you really ask for? I’m wearing these on Thanksgiving.
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