• A Shoe For Every Moment

    A Shoe For Every Moment

    The best kind of shoes will compliment most outfits, while elevating your look! We offer great styles like this, right here at Hollie Ray!
  • Adorable Outdoorsy

    Adorable Outdoorsy

    With the sun setting on summer, it is time to get out! Grab your water, go outside, and enjoy the sun!
  • Hollie Ray Boutique

    Chattanooga Store Opening Soon!

    Hollie Ray is growing and excited to bring amazing customer care throughout the state and celebrate with our beloved customers!
  • Horizon Legging


    Here at Hollie Ray, we love classic, chic, and functional! We carry many styles that can go from the office to a night out!
  • Stay Golden!

    Stay Golden!

    Everybody loves a chic look, but it can be a challenge to keep things from looking to simple. How do we add that sparkle every outfit needs?
  • So You're in Nashville...

    So You're in Nashville...

    Nashville is a gorgeous city with lots to see and lots to shop! There is live music up and down the streets and so many fun things to do! So what are some of the best spots in the beloved Music City?